Desktop Advisor

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  • Automatic patching
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Error reporting
  • Backup monitoring
  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Hardware asset tracking and inventory
  • Software asset and inventory tracking
  • Updated frequently by seasoned IT professionals

Computers don’t look after themselves and in order to keep workstations in tip-top working order, preventative maintenance such as defragmenting disks must be performed regularly. It is of course time consuming to log onto each workstation to start a disk defragmentation and then subsequently check that it has run successfully, which is why we have added Automated Tasks for Servers and Workstations.

Automated Tasks for allow you to safely run preventative maintenance tasks such as defragmenting disks and clearing out temporary files on individual or multiple workstations either on a schedule or when a check fails, all from the Dashboard.

Best of all, you can then monitor the progress of each task on each workstation and view the results of what each task has done in your Dashboard

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