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Like Managed Antivirus and Patch Management, Managed Online Backup deployment is flexible and controlled through your Dashboard:

» Managed Online Backup can be enabled on individual servers and workstations or, on all servers and workstations at the client or site level

» Download and launch the Backup Manager from the Dashboard

» True Delta™ technology searches for changes at disk block level where, on average, only 0.1 – 0.5% of the protected data set will have changed making it highly effective at maximizing bandwidth and storage capacity. LocalSpeedVault™ can provide on-site copy (at no extra cost).

» Restore (also at disk block level) the last revision or any revision from the last 28-days either online or from the optional LocalSpeedVault™ via Backup Manager launched from Dashboard.

» With the Managed Online Backup Archiving Service you can specify a backup set for any device’s data source and designate this as a never to be deleted archive. This way you will always have a snapshot of your data and can recover this from the archive, even if it was deleted weeks ago from the normal backup remediation.

» Daily Safety Check monitors the success of the backups and this is included in weekly and monthly Reports (scheduled reports require a Family Advisor or Server Advisor subscription).

» Three Dedicated Managed Online Backup reports (available upon request):
Backup Integrity Report shows the integrity of all monitored backup products at a client
Backup Selection Report shows exactly how much data is being stored for each client.
Backup Session History Report contains the information displayed in the Backup tab in an easy to access format.

» Features a new HTML-based Backup Manager to deliver enhanced responsiveness and an improved user experienced launching directly from your browser in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (10+) when connecting to remote devices.

  • Upload and download bandwidth throttling
  • Ultra-secure from end to endYour data is stored in certified data centers worldwide. All data is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption in motion and at rest. All of our backup data centers, no matter where in the world, are either SSAE compliant or ISO certified, provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee and have 24/7 physical security.
  • Integrity reports of all your backups


Basic Office



User folders 3 GB
(Photos, videos, music,
and other large files
not included)
5 GB 50 GB
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