For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Where can I find the help manual?

A: You can access the help manual in your Dashboard by opening the Help menu > Support Center > User Manual or by clicking here.

Q: If I buy two separate services for one computer, do I need to install both packages?

A: No, you only need to install one package on each machine. Once your order is fully processed and your computer begins talking to our servers, all of your services will be configured using the initial installation. It doesn’t hurt to install multiple times but it doesn’t help either.

Q: How can I configure my new service? I want to tweak some settings.

A: Immediately after running the installer your browser should open up to a configuration page for your service. If it doesn’t or you want to re-configure it later, you can fill out the contact form here. There are plans to make the configuration page accessible from the My Account page soon. To do it cleanly will mean upgrading some software and that will need to wait until the next budget review.

Q: How often are your services updated?

A: Constantly. Bitdefender antivirus receives several small updates throughout the day and the other services are updated at least several times per year. New features and bug fixes are always being added to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. Each service is backed by teams of full-time engineers. The Advisor packages are also updated by myself (Stephen Kaiser) with various scripts that I write to improve the service in unique ways. Some examples are the Performance Monitoring and Performance Benchmarking scripts that help me identify devices that are struggling.

Q: How much of your services are automatic and what do I need to to do?

A: Many things are automatic like virus scanning, website protection, patching, temp file cleaning, file system maintenance, status reporting, disk monitoring, etc. If anything needs to be done by you then you will receive an email letting you know and explaining how to do it (if you have a subscription to an Advisor service). FullCareIT does not act on individual workstations. You are responsible to manage your own computer, act on any error messages, and fix any problems. If you reach out to FullCareIT for help resolving an issue on an individual device, you will be guided to an appropriate article in the user manual, the community forum, or the issue will be addressed for all clients and used to improve the service offering for everyone. At this time, hourly technical consulting is not included in any subscriptions and is not for sale. If at some point it is available, it will be somewhere around $100/hr and subscribers may receive a substantial discount.

Q: What devices do your services support?

A: Primarily the service offerings are geared towards Windows PCs. However, we do offer support for Mac (Apple) computers, iOS phones and tablets, Android devices, Windows mobile devices, and Linux.

Q: How many subscriptions do I need?

A: You need one subscription per service per device. One bundle is intended to support one device. If you want antivirus on 3 computers then you will need 3 subscriptions to Managed Antivirus or 3 subscriptions to Family Advisor bundles that include Managed Antivirus.