Beta Testing Announcement

So I’m in the early stages of launching the services on this site. I’ve been thinking about and preparing for this for a few years.
I could really use some feedback so I’m offering 60-day free trials to anyone who is willing to help me work out the bugs. Kind of like a beta test. I expect we’ll have some live online meetings if people want to do that and maybe some surveys. Even casual feedback on the Facebook group, through the site’s contact form, or on the site’s forum would be so helpful. If you join the Facebook Family Advisor Beta group, I’ll share a link to the 60-day trial there in the coming weeks. I can only support up to 20 beta users at the moment but I’d be super stoked if that many people signed up.
I expect this to be the primary way for me to support my family’s computers and to empower others to more easily maintain and manage their own family’s computers.
Thanks for reading this post and please like or share this if you know of anyone who might want to get in on the beta group.


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